We provide Family and Corporate Farming operations advice and assistance to get the best results from the water markets. We work with Farmers to develop a water strategy to achieve their objectives of Water Security and generating the best financial returns by participating in the water markets.

Our services cover the full range of water products including:

Local Presence

With 15 branches conveniently located throughout key irrigation districts, Ruralco Water offers the largest network of Water Brokers in the Southern Connected Murray Darling Basin. Whilst our Water Brokers are equipped to deal in all water markets throughout Australia, they are also active members of local irrigation communities. Our local presence gives you the opportunity to meet with your Water Broker to discuss and plan your water trading strategy.

24 Hour Market Access

At Ruralco Water, we understand that farming takes more than the 8 hours between 9.00am and 5.00pm. Our online trading platform allows you 24 hour access to our live water market, which is easily accessed from your computer, smart phone or tablet. Ruralco Water Brokers are generally available to speak outside of ‘normal’ business hours to help keep water trading easy for you.

Wide Range of Services

Australian Water Markets are continuing to evolve and Ruralco Water are at the forefront of these new and emerging water products. In addition to Buying and Selling Allocation Water or Entitlement via the Spot Market, Ruralco Water can help you with a wide range of products such as Forward Allocation Agreements, Long Term Entitlement Lease and Carry Over Agreements. Your Ruralco Water Broker will work closely with you to develop a strategy to ensure your water security, now and into the future.


Permanent Entitlement Buy & Sell

When considering purchasing Permanent Water Entitlement, it is important to ensure the characteristics of the Entitlement will meet your individual requirements (Allocation, Carryover, etc). Ruralco Water can provide you details on the features of each Entitlement type and discuss alternative entitlements which may be more cost effective and suitable to your needs. Ruralco Water will market Permanent Entitlement to all active buyers, including Private and Corporate Farmers, Investors and Government to ensure you achieve the best possible return. We manage the entire process start to finish, helping you to save time and to avoid unnecessary costs.

Temporary Allocation Buy & Sell

Ruralco Water offers free public access to water live market data, encouraging true price discovery and complete market transparency. We proactively monitor water trade restrictions to ensure our online water market exposes Sell Orders to the widest possible market, whilst also allowing Buyers the ability to secure the best value options. We offer access to large volumes of allocation all year round and are experienced in managing the purchase and approval process with a minimum of fuss.

Forward Allocation Agreements

Utilizing the Forward Allocation Market allows irrigators to budget their water purchases and helps to avoid seasonal volatility that can be experienced when acting on the Spot Market. Forward Allocation can either be intra or inter water year, backed by a contract which details the agreed volume, price and delivery date. Your Ruralco Water Broker can advise you on recently contracted Forward Allocation agreements and help to negotiate the best outcome to match your requirements.

Long Term Entitlement Leasing

Since water has separated from land, it has become common practice for Water Entitlement owners to maintain their entitlement after selling their farm and then trade the Allocation water on a yearly basis. As the value of Water Entitlements has continued to rise, irrigators are looking for alternative methods to secure their water requirements, outside of owning the entitlement themselves. Ruralco Water can help both owners and irrigators by negotiating Long Term Entitlement Leases – this type of agreement offers irrigators long term entitlement security whilst guaranteeing a return to the owner of the entitlement.

Carryover Agreements

Water Entitlements have unique characteristics which in some instances will allow you to carry water from one water year through to the next. If your Water Entitlement doesn’t allow for Carryover or if you are looking for a lower risk Carryover option, Ruralco Water can assist by finding an appropriate entitlement holder who will carry the water in to the next water year for you. Alternatively, if your Water Entitlement allows the capacity to carry over and you are not utilizing this feature, Ruralco Water can help by finding a placer which will help ensure you are making the most of your Water Entitlement.

Entitlement Sale and Lease Back

Ruralco Water often speak with farmers who are interested in freeing up working capital, but are not willing to part with the security of their water entitlement. Water Entitlement Sale and Lease Back agreements allow the owner of the Entitlement to realise the value of their Entitlement, whilst maintaining the water security over the term of the lease back period. Ruralco Water are engaged with a number of clients who are willing to consider a purchase and lease back scenario.